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On The Couch – What’s A Doula?

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Welcoming Kimberley Boyd

More and more of my photography clients come to the studio, and as they share their birth stories, they often mention their doula. And yet doula’s can still be a bit misunderstood or unknown. So I thought what better way to find out about doula’s than to invite one onto our virtual couch. Meet Kimberley Boyd, a lovely Lincolnshire-based doula, and watch the video to hear your questions answered.

A Lockdown Recording With Our Local Doula

If you’d like to learn more about Kimberley and see how she could help you through your pregnancy or with your new baby then you can contact her here https://www.kimberleyboyd.co.uk

What Is A Doula?

In summary a doula is someone who will:

  • support a woman throughout her pregnancy
  • explain a mum-to-be’s birth options and advocate for her choices
  • provide one-to-one support during labour
  • care for the mother after the birth
  • may help the new parents to look after the baby.
Kimberley Boyd