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Welcoming Claire Earley

Sleep is something that occupies a huge amount of our lives, whether we are actually sleeping, worrying about sleep or just desperately needing some sleep! If you would like some top tips to help your family sleep soundly then this is definitely the video for you!

A Lockdown Recording With Our Resident Sleep Expert! 

Our current lockdown has been a stressful period for so many of us, so we decided what better time to have a good chat about one of my favourite past times with our Lincolnshire sleep expert, Claire.  I have to say a massive thank you to Claire too for giving up her time, I know she’s currently being inundated with people seeking her help.

If after listening to our couch chat, you would like to contact Claire with any questions, or for some support, please contact her at The Sleep Charity.org

What Can Help My Family Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

The following suggestions can all help you sleep soundly when used together:

  • A good morning routine
  • Avoiding caffeine 8 hours before bed
  • A bedroom environment that helps you sleep
  • Use music, reading or mindfulness to relax before bed
  • Switch your phone off and keep it out of the bedroom
  • Don’t use alcohol to help you sleep
  • Keep a notepad and pen in your bedside drawer
  • A good night time routine. 

You can read more and request tailored help at The Sleep Charity.

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