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5 Great Reasons To Create Wall Art

5 Great Reasons To Create Wall Art

1. Enjoy your wall art every day

You get to see your wall art every single day, many times a day. There are certain portraits in our home that stop me in my tracks no matter how many times I see them. There are little smiles and grins that I can’t help but smile back to. And you know those moments where you feel your kids have been testing your patience, or the demands of the day can seem a little overwhelming? Those beautiful framed portraits remind me of who they are and that everything I’m working towards is for my family.  Seeing my children asleep and tucked up as newborns, or happy and enjoying themselves as children literally makes my heart happy. 

baby nursery newborn photos

2. Make your children feel valued

Displaying your children’s portraits around the home can help give them a sense of belonging. They demonstrate that they are an important and much loved member of the family. Even as teenagers, my daughters still love looking at photos of their younger selves, and especially the ones where we, as parents, are in them too. 

3. Preserve your memories

We always talk about how time flies, you blink and you miss it, they grow so quickly, and this really is true. There’s nothing better and more reassuring than knowing you have all these different stages recorded forever. You won’t forget how tiny their feet were, or how their whole fist curled around your little finger. Because you will have your portraits to remind you and spark those memories. They are a like a beautiful key to unlock history. 

4. Wall art lasts forever

A printed wall art portrait, whether as a framed canvas or print, or a beautiful metal or acrylic piece, will last forever. Your products are produced by some of the absolute best suppliers the world has to offer. Combining careful colour accuracy, cutting edge techniques and excellent quality materials. Your wall art will have longevity, ensuring you can pass them down to family members when the time comes. Digital files have their place in modern life, but don’t rely on them, files get corrupt, phones get lost, laptops die. Even with the best will in the world, they won’t mean as much to your children as leaving them quality physical heirlooms that they can enjoy for many years to come. 

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5. Make your house a home

The pictures you choose and the way you choose to display them says a lot about you. It shows your taste – bright colours or neutral colours, an intimate connection or a fun moment. A traditional frame, or a modern minimalistic style, a single statement piece, or a beautiful collection of photographs. Portraits as wall art help you create an atmosphere, a warm and loving environment – one that you, your children and your friends can all enjoy being in. 

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Helping you create the perfect wall art choices

You can take a look at the different wall art options available to you here. We also have a super clever piece of software that will show you exactly how your wall art could look on your own walls. You can see how that works here. Choosing the right portraits for your walls and the right products for your home is important so I’m more than happy to help you every step of the way.


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